Tiffany Riggs – Recruiting Manager

Growing up in Kansas City, Tiffany has always been eager to help others and see them succeed. She always had a competitive streak and demanded a high level of performance from herself. Tiffany uses that to motivate herself to build one-on-one relationships with each and every candidate, insuring successful placements with candidates that not only fit the job skills criteria, but also fit the clients’ culture.

She enjoys the fast-paced environment at Chief of Staff and the diversity that each day brings. She loves all things KC: Barbecue, tailgating, and Boulevard Beer! In her free time Tiffany enjoys party-planning, eating her husband’s delicious cooking and spending time with their two children.

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Email: Office: 816-581-2776

First Job: 3&2 Baseball Concession Stand
Favorite paid holiday: Christmas
Favorite Job: Summer Day Camp Counselor
Favorite workday lunch spot: Bella Napoli