Hire A Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant? A VA is a remote resource that you pay by the hour. VAs are great for startups or smaller shops that may not have the budget to pay for a full-time hire.


What current tasks are hindering your availability and ability to work efficiently?

Front End Support


Email Management

Office Administration

Project & Event Coordination

Executive Administration

Process and Procedure

Back End Support

Financial reporting & bookkeeping

Payroll & Payroll tax filing

Sales tax filing

Budget setup and tracking


Marketing Support

Brand Development

Design – direct mail/print & online advertising/newsletters/logo design

Social Media



For more information and to start the search for your Chief of Staff, please contact us at 816-581-2776 or email us at talktous@chiefofstaffkc.com!

“As a small business with a focus on workplace culture, we’ve always hired for culture fit. We haven’t hired for skills that often. As I shared our woes with the team at CoS, they coached me through my needs. CoS is part talent coach, part business coach, part recruiter, part teammate. They took the time to understand who we are as a company, what are current and future needs look like, and found that we would be a good candidate for their Virtual Assistant program.”

Did they deliver?

“My goodness . . . Lauren is AMAZING. She is just the person we needed. For one, she is mindful of her time (we are a small business and on a limited budget) and how best to use the time efficiently and effectively. Two, she is a master at generating processes to keep us in line. I mean she creates a spreadsheet without being asked! I’m blown away! I’m sure it feels like she is wrangling cats at times, but she does it with care and grace. Both her skill set and her personhood are aligning with our team. That’s the work of Chief of Staff.”

Rachel, Business Owner