Success Stories

Chief of Staff has helped countless employers and job seekers find the perfect fit. Take a moment to read a few success stories from some great people we have had the opportunity to work with over the years.

“As a small business with a focus on workplace culture, we’ve always hired for culture fit. We haven’t hired for skills that often. As I shared our woes with the team at CoS, they coached me through my needs. CoS is part talent coach, part business coach, part recruiter, part teammate. They took the time to understand who we are as a company, what are current and future needs look like, and found that we would be a good candidate for their Virtual Assistant program.” 

Did they deliver?

“My goodness . . . Lauren is AMAZING. She is just the person we needed. For one, she is mindful of her time (we are a small business and on a limited budget) and how best to use the time efficiently and effectively. Two, she is a master at generating processes to keep us in line. I mean she creates a spreadsheet without being asked! I’m blown away! I’m sure it feels like she is wrangling cats at times, but she does it with care and grace. Both her skill set and her personhood are aligning with our team. That’s the work of Chief of Staff.”

Rachel, Business Owner


“I sincerely appreciate the support and response that Tiffany and team have provided on the roles that have come out of KC through our managers.  As the needs increase and time has gone on, I rely heavily on the people your team provides.  I always feel that the candidates have proper expectations and are understanding of the company culture.  Most importantly, I always get expedient feedback and their close rate is almost 100%.

Tiffany and team have been tremendous partners and appreciate everything they do.”

Tim, Program Manager


“You all did a great job for myself and also for my client. I have worked with a ton of staffing agencies in my career and know good quality when I see it. Just keep it up! A lot of times an agency will be good for a while, then they will grow too fast and the quality deteriorates. You guys are doing it right though! “

Stephanie, HR Consultant


“Chief of Staff is the best temp to hire service that I have used in the 9 years I have been a business owner. The communication between the staff and their clients is unparalleled.  The greatest attribute of a business is not when things run smooth it is when we find out there is an issue or a concern and how it is handled in a professional timely manner. I would recommend hiring Chief of Staff to any business that is just needing temporary help or looking to hire a permanent employee.”

Vicki, Business Owner


“Chief of Staff only sent us qualified candidates. This allowed us to quickly source and hire the right candidate.”

Steve, COO


“With my maternity leave looming I was very stressed to find someone to cover my position. The Chief of Staff team not only found someone very fast, but a perfect match for the positions needs. I am so happy with the high level of personal service each team member showed us.”

Caitlin, HR Director